Full time software engineer 内推

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公司(BobCAD-CAM)在佛州TAMPA地区。 主要从事机械 CAD/CAM 软件产品开发。 主要的

位置: 软件工程师


1. Design and develop algorithms in CAD/CAM modules
2. Develop GUI for CAD/CAM products
3. Integrate third party software into current products
4. Maintain legacy code


1. Proficient in C++/C#
2. Strong knowledge on OOD approach in software development
3. Understanding of computational geometry, linear algebra

Desired skills (not required but a plus)

1. WPF UI develpment experience
2. Understanding of manufacturing/machining processes
3. Experience of developing CAD/CAM or related software

Sponsor H-1B and Green Card

If interested, please send your resume to


March 30, 2017, 5:41 p.m.